Durag Festival focuses on local community for fashion segment


Charlotte, NC - On June 5, 2019, Durag Festival ® Directors were informed that Forever 21 (Carolina Place Mall branch) would no longer be participating in this year's Durag Fest. The news comes only 10 days out from the event on June 15, 2019. Per the company representative, the reason for the company's leave is that, “we feel looks pulled for the event were not aligned with our current trend focus or the overall message that as a company, we stand for.“

While the close of a partnership with the company for this year’s event has come unexpectedly, Durag Festival ® organizers are optimistic at the opportunity to refocus their energy into the heart of the festival; the community. In light of this change, Durag Festival ® intends to focus on the fashion and creativity of the people and local fashion houses that sets Durag Fest apart from any other festival.

“Sometimes when you try to connect bigger companies to the roots of the community, it’s a struggle. They don't necessarily see or understand the movement we're contributing to. Mostly the trend for bigger companies is to wait until the impact is trendy or commercial to capitalize off of.

We hoped this partnership would be a stepping stone to build partnerships with larger companies that understand and genuinely embrace the culture rather than the stigma they're often given of appropriating it. I'm hopeful that in the future companies will understand how powerful a partnership like that would be."

- Lica Mishelle, Director

Durag Festival ® organizers confirm that a fashion show is a central part of the festival experience and will still be a part of this year's event. Durag Festival ® will be held on June 15, 2019 at Camp North End, 1776 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28206.



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