Durag Festival receives certificate of registration  


Charlotte, NC - On Tuesday, February 19 2019, Durag Festival ® received its Certificate of Registration from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. After months of facing rumors and criticism of fraud via social media, Durag Festival ® organizers are happy to have proof of their ownership and creation of the Durag Festival brand.

"It's a relieving moment and a well deserved one. The entire team has worked non-stop since we began Durag Fest to go through all the legal procedures to protect our brand from outsiders. We're a young brand with a lot of success, but it's been challenging to still be in the growth stages and have to deal with all that we've had to so far. For months the public was misled with posts of premature or misleading documents, never showing the full story; not being truthful. Even after our trademark was registered, our account was hacked by whom we believe are the same individuals who claimed our brand as "fake". So we're learning quickly of what it takes to be a "big business" despite the fact we're still very small."

"I feel like this is just the first step to another challenge. But I'm grateful to be over this hump and share it with followers who are loyal to the Durag Festival brand. They just want to have a good time and get the same energy and vibes we gave them with our first festival. That's what we want to get our focus back on. That's what people deserve."

- Lica Mishelle, Director of Operations

The receipt of their certificate of registration comes after only days of hosting Durag Ball, the NBA All-Star themed art exhibition held in Charlotte, NC on February 16, 2019 at Goodyear Arts during NBA All-Star Weekend. Despite the odds, Durag Festival ® creators confirmed that they will continue to expand the Durag Festival brand.



Durag Festival ® is a legally owned and operated by The Ghood Kind LLC. The Ghood Kind LLC is a recognized United States company listed in the principal business identifier index, Dun & Bradstreet. This press release and regulated information made public by Durag Festival ® are available on the Durag Festival ® website;

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